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Prateek Bhatia

Cleared – Skills Level
Completing the ACCA prep course at Quintedge was genuinely beneficial. Instructors brought real-world perspectives to complex topics, making learning relevant. The course effectively balanced theory and practice, and the environment fostered collaboration. It was a solid step forward in my finance and accounting journey.

Piyush Singhania

Cleared – Professional Level
QuintEdge’s ACCA Professional course was amazing! Top-notch instructors, engaging materials, and flexible options kept me motivated. Their supportive community and career guidance helped me crush the exams and land my dream job.

Pratibha Bansal

Cleared – Knowledge Level
My journey through the ACCA Knowledge Level, with the help of Quintedge, was transformative. The well-crafted curriculum and insightful instructors made complex theories in accounting and finance approachable and engaging. Emphasizing real-world applications and critical thinking, the course not only solidified my foundational knowledge but also prepared me for advanced challenges.

Manisha Sharma

Cleared – Knowledge Level
Joining their ACCA prep course for Knowledge Level exams was a huge help to say the least! The instructors made complex accounting topics easy to grasp with real-world examples and well-organized study materials. They were also always available for support, which made a huge difference.

Kartik Jain

Cleared – Professional Level
Joining the ACCA prep course was a major step for me, and what really made it worth it was the Career Guidance and Support. It’s not just about passing exams here; they genuinely prepare you for what’s next. The career workshops, resume tips, and mock interviews were beyond helpful. I felt like I was getting an inside scoop on the accounting world. I connected with alumni and professionals who gave me real insights. This course didn’t just teach me accounting; it opened doors for my future career. 

Udit Malhotra

Cleared – Knowledge Level
I was particularly impressed by their Comprehensive Study Material. The depth and breadth of resources were astounding — from detailed notes to quizzes and revision kits. Every resource was up-to-date and aligned perfectly with the ACCA syllabus. The conceptual clarity of the materials made complex topics easier to understand. They not only prepared me thoroughly for my exams but also deepened my understanding of the accounting profession as a whole. 

Nimisha Garg

Cleared – Skills Level
The highly accessible & friendly teachers  at Quintedge’s ACCA Prep Course made things easier for me. Studying for such a demanding exam can be daunting, but knowing that help was just a message away,  was incredibly reassuring. Whether I had a quick question or needed a detailed explanation, the instructors were always there, ready to assist. This not only helped me grasp challenging concepts more effectively but also kept me motivated and on track.

Parv Mehra

Cleared – Skills Level
Their ACCA classes were so much more than just lectures. Imagine diving into the trickiest accounting concepts with pros who’ve been there and done that. We tackled real-life cases, which was way more useful than just reading a textbook. I walked away from each session not just understanding the stuff better, but feeling like I could actually handle whatever the exams threw at me. Seriously, this course didn’t just prep me for the ACCA – it got me ready for the real world of accounting.

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