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Program Highlights

Here are a few features of our coaching which will help you breeze through CFA exam preparation.

200+ Hours Videos

200+ Hours Videos

Revision & Backup Classes

Revision & Backup Classes

Relevant Industry Updates

Relevant Industry Updates

Exhaustive Question Banks

Exhaustive Question Banks

Unlimited Doubt Sessions

Unlimited Doubt Sessions

Case Studies Approach

Case Studies Approach


Other Features

What Makes Us The Best?

Below are a few key points that make us a preferred choice amongst students for online CFA Level 2 Coaching.

Highly Credible Trainers

Our trainers are CFAs themselves and have experience in Investment banking, Equity research and corporate finance

Application Based Learning

We have designed training session in such a way that there is ZERO rote learning or mugging of formulae.

Exhaustive Preparation

We’ll deliver 100% practice questions in the Live class itself and Live revision classes a month before exam

High Pass Percentage

Out of the candidates who have taken CFA Coaching through us, roughly 88% managed to clear the exam

CFA Coaching Curriculum

Our curriculum is thorough and highly oriented to the CFA Level 2 Examination.

How do we cover the syllabus efficiently?

Quantitative Methods
  • Time value of money.
  • Basics of probability.
  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion, downside deviation and coefficient of variation, correlation and share of distribution.
  • Introduction to linear regression, Multiple regression and time series analysis.
  • Basics of Machine learning and big data projects.
  • Demand and supply concepts and different types of different market structures
  • Aggregate outputs, prices and economic growth
  • Credit cycles and their relationships to Business cycles, inflation, unemployment.
  • Roles of central banks in economy, Monetary and fiscal policies and their interrelationships
  • Economic growth and why it matters to investors, factors that affect economic growth
  • Economic regulations and cost benefit analysis of regulations
  • Forex forward markets and framework for exchange rates, Impact of monetary policies and fiscal policies on exchange rates.
Financial Reporting Analysis
  • Developing understanding of Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement
  • Developing understanding of various components of Financial statements like Inventory, Income Tax, Long lived assets, Non-Current liabilities.
  • General accepted accounting principles vs International Financial reporting standards (GAAP vs IFRS) differences in ways of accounting.
  • Accounting for Intercorporate investments (Investments in financial assets/Associates/Business combination)
  • Accounting for multinational operations (Translation and measurements)
  • Accounting for Employee compensation (Defined benefit plans and share based compensation)
  • Analysis of financial statements of banks and insurance companies
Corporate Issuers
  • We learn about various ways to calculate cost of capital, working capital management and corporate governance and ESG issues.
  • Nitty -gritty of Merger & acquisitions, reasons behind M&A activities, merger defence techniques and merger valuation. 
  • Capital structure theories and factors affecting capital structure.
  • Factors affecting Dividend decisions, Dividend decisions vs Share buybacks.
  • Importance of ESG in investing decisions.
  • Industry and company analysis
  • Equity valuation using various methods using Intrinsic valuation (Discounted cash flows/ dividend discounted model), Relative valuation (Trading comparable and transaction comparable) and residual income valuation.
  • Private company valuation
Fixed Income
  • Valuation of Fixed income security
  • Developing understanding of risks involved in fixed income and returns earned
  • Evolution of interest rates (Spot rate, forward rates, shape of yield curve.
  • Arbitrage free value of fixed rate coupon bond and bond with embedded options.
  • Credit analysis using statical models.
  • Credit default swaps.
  • Forward/Futures and options, their uses and pricing
  • Caps, Floors and swaptions uses and pricing
  • Options strategies and their pays
  • Binomial model, Interest rate option, Black-Scholes-Merton model, Black model
  • Option Greeks and Implied volatility.
Alternative Investment
  • Analysis of real estate valuation
  • Analysis of private equity valuation
  • Introduction to commodities and commodity derivatives
  • Hedge funds investments, structures and fees calculations
Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio risk and returns calculation
  • Portfolio planning and construction and behavioural biases in portfolio contrition
  • EFT structure and uses in portfolio management
  • Multifactor models and their uses to create factor portfolio
  • Measurement of portfolio risks
  • Backtesting and simulating portfolio
  • How state of economy impacts Investment markets and consumption habits of individuals
  • Analysis of actively managed portfolio, risk/return attribution of actively managed portfolio
  • Why ethics is important in investment profession
  • Code of Ethics and standards of professional conduct and their application
  • Introduction to global Investment performance standards

QuintEdge Vs Others

Unlock unparalleled advantages with Quintedge
Where we go the extra mile in CFA prep unlike any other



24/7 Peer and Tutor Forums for immediate query resolution

Exclusive industry insights with current market trends

Continuous course updates, ensuring current content relevancy

Pass Assurance for CFA Prep Course Students

Full Length Mock CFA Tests with ‘Near’ Exam Level Difficulty

Access to global finance job boards & internship opportunities

VIP guest lectures from top-tier finance professionals

Scholarship & Registration Guidance fro CFA Students

Dedicated CFA Exam Faculty for last-minute doubt solving

Dedicated post-exam debrief sessions and improvement strategies

Discover The Seamless Learning Experience

Our Platform's Features

Know Your Timeline

How to become a CFA Charterholder?

Charting Your Path to CFA Success: A Step-by-Step Journey with Quintedge

Our Faculty Members

Industry Leading Trainers

We’re here to help you every step of the way, from preparation to ongoing support and motivation.

Yash Jain

Yash Jain


Yash is a seasoned Investment Banking Trainer and Ex – Senior Associate at Bain & Co. specializing in Corporate Finance. He has trained over 5000 candidates till date and is renowned for his engaging sessions at prestigious institutions like IIT, Goldman Sachs, and NIFM.

Shubham Goyat

Shubham Goyat


Mr. Shubham is a CFA Charterholder with a rich background in Finance Industry. His extensive experience in financial analysis provides a solid foundation. He blends theoretical knowledge with real-world applications to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the financial industry. 

Rohit Sachdev

Rohit Sachdev

CA, FRM, Ex Deutsche bank

Rohit Sachdev is an adept Options Trader with extensive experience, specializing in both Fundamental and Technical Analysis. His background as an Investment Banker at Deutsche Bank and FRM Charterholder underscore his deep understanding of financial markets. 

Rajan Sahdeva

Rajan Sahdeva

CFA, MBA (Finance)

Mr. Rajan is a dynamic finance expert with a CFA Charter and an MBA in Finance. He is known for his ability to demystify complex financial concepts, integrating analytics with traditional finance to guide and inspire students in their investment banking journey.

What We've Achieved?

Our Awesome Past Records

Over the years, our students’ satisfaction and the success rate are worth an eyeball.

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CFA Scope, Salary and Opportunities

Let’s get to know how this qualification can shape your future and career.


CFA is recognised as the most comprehensive course in Finance and thus well respected in Finance fraternity worldwide.

Job Profiles

A CFA Charterholder gets opportunity to work in top notch finance profile like portfolio management, Financial Modeling, Investment Banking etc.

Median Salary

Initial median salary of CFA charter holder in Indian is between Rs. 9.00 Lakhs to Rs. 12.00 Lakhs per annum, which increases exponentially with career progress

Choose a Preparation Plan that’s right for you

Self-Paced Course

29,000 Onwards

Live Classes

₹ 35,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions which our students ask every now and then. We have collated them all.

How to register for Quintedge’s online CFA Level 2 Coaching?

To register for our Live Coaching, you can call up our counsellors and they will guide you with the registration process.

What’s the total duration of Quintedge’s online CFA Level 2 coaching?

There will be 40 classes of 3 hours each in the Live course, amounting to roughly 120 hours of training.

What is the eligibility for taking up CFA Level 2 online Coaching with Quintedge?

To be eligible for CFA coaching, you need to be in the final year of graduation. You should also have a valid international passport.

What kind of Job profiles can I target after becoming a CFA?

After you become a CFA Charterholder, you can get into core finance profiles such as Valuations, Investment Banking, Portfolio Management etc.

Still have questions?

If you can’t find answers to your questions in our FAQ section, you can always contact us. We will get back to you shortly.

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Get the Brochure in your Inbox