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Bhumika Sadana

Position : Investment Banking Associate
Company : Acuity Knowledge Partners
QuintEdge was instrumental in my journey to becoming an Investment Banking Associate, providing not just exceptional educational content but also robust placement support tailored for women like myself. I am immensely grateful for their efforts in not just securing a placement for me but in fostering a nurturing environment that has been pivotal in shaping my career.

Vikas Burakoti

Position : Senior Analyst
Company : Smart Cube
Most other Investment Banking courses teach what I should call ‘Theory’ which has no relation with the requisite job skills. On the other hand, Yash sir is an Industry veteran, having tremendous exposure in the valuation field. His vast experience speaks when he teaches the concepts in the class with utmost detail and practical examples.

Mousam Bhawsar

Position : Credit Manager
Company : Yes Bank
I am Chartered Accountant working as a Credit Manager with Yes Bank in Home Loan segment. I am very much thankful to Mr. Yash for teaching me the complex valuation techniques in an utterly simplified manner. Their program is highly structured, and the learnings are delivered step by step, which makes it easier for even a beginner to understand.

Akshay Gupta

Position : Business Valuations
Company : Deloitte
Being from non-finance background, it was practically difficult for me to even understand basic financial models, let alone getting a Job in core finance. However, this course has been a career changer for me. Even the most basic concepts were explained from scratch so that all the students are par when the toughest Valuation topics started.

Vidit Luthra

Position : Valuation Associate
Company : Evalueserve
Each and every topic was taught with so much detail and practicality. Also, the faculty is highly qualified and possess deep knowledge about the industry

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