ACCA 2024 Registration Guide: Eligibility, Process & Requirements

The letters ACCA are more than just a few added letters to the individuals name, it is one of the most prestigious and international recognized certification in the field of accountancy. This accreditation opens the student to a community of more than 200,000 members and 486,000 students in 180 countries. It is equally accepted and valued in India, London, Dubai or Shanghai.

Membership of ACCA gives one membership to the global body and thus one has access and opportunities to network with professionals and influential people across the globe.

It is recommended that you determine your eligibility before embarking in the ACCA program. In this blog we will be verifying whether your education and work experience align with the education and experience that ACCA needs. In this blog will explain all these requirements in a simplified form for you so you can on your journey of becoming an ACCA.

Eligibility Criteria for ACCA in India

ACCA Qualification Requirements

LevelRequired Qualifications
Foundation LevelCompletion of the 10th grade (minimum)
Applied KnowledgeCompletion of the 12th grade with a focus on English and Mathematics
Applied SkillsUndergraduate degree in a related field (e.g., Commerce, Business Administration) or equivalent professional experience
Strategic ProfessionalCompletion of all previous ACCA exams or relevant degree and professional experience
Exemptions: If you have previous qualifications in accounting or related fields, you may skip some of the exams.

Age Requirement for ACCA Exam

ACCA welcomes students as soon as they finish their 10th grade, generally around the age of 16 by ACCA through the FIA (Foundation in Accountancy) otherwise candidates must be 18 years of age or older. There is no upper age limit, so learning can begin at any stage in your career.

The FIA route is a beginner program by ACCA for those who aren’t yet qualified to start the main ACCA course. It teaches the basics of accounting and business, and once you finish it, you can jump into the more advanced ACCA course, skipping the early exams. It’s a good starting point for a career in accounting.

Pass Marks for ACCA Exam

Scoring System: Like most exams, you need a minimum of 50% to pass each ACCA paper.

Education LevelEntry MethodMinimum Requirements
After 10thFoundation RouteNo specific subject requirements
After 12thDirect Entry (if minimum scores met)
/ Foundation Route
A pass in five subjects including English and Mathematics / Accounts, with at least 65% in two of these subjects and over 50% in the others.
After GraduationDirect Entry (if minimum scores met)The ACCA qualification is open to graduates of all disciplines.
If you hold a relevant degree, like one in accounting or business from an ACCA-accredited university you may receive exemptions from some of the ACCA exams.

ACCA 2024 Registration Requirements

Registering for the ACCA program in 2024 involves several key steps and requirements. Below are the specifics to ensure you’re fully prepared:

Detailed Registration Process:

  • Online Application: Begin by completing your application online where you’ll need to enter your personal details, educational history, and any relevant work experiences.
  • Required Documents:
    • Educational certificates and mark sheets.
    • Proof of identity (such as a passport or national ID card).
    • Proof of residence (like a utility bill or lease agreement).
    • Two recent passport-sized photographs.

Registration Fee:

The registration fee for ACCA is approximately 9,300 Indian Rupees, but this can vary. Always check the ACCA official website for the most current fee structure.

Look out for potential discounts or promotional offers, particularly during special events or registration periods.

Deadlines and Updates:

Registration Deadlines: Make sure to register within the designated periods. ACCA typically updates its deadlines annually, so it’s crucial to stay informed via their official site.

Recent Changes: ACCA has incorporated digital tools to streamline the registration process, allowing you to manage almost everything online. They have also enhanced their support services, providing more resources online to assist you through the registration process.

How to Enroll for the ACCA Exam in 2024

Enrolling for the ACCA exam involves a few specific steps that are unique to the ACCA registration process:

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Ensure you meet the ACCA-specific eligibility requirements such as educational qualifications, especially in key subjects like Mathematics and Accounts.

Step 2: Register with ACCA

Access the ACCA official website to begin your application. Fill out the registration form with detailed personal and educational information.

Document Upload: Submit high-quality scans of educational certificates, proof of identity, and recent passport-sized photographs.

Step 3: Pay Registration Fees

The registration fee can be paid via the ACCA website. For 2024, the fee is approximately ₹9,300. Always check for the most current fee and possible regional variations.

Step 4: Receive Confirmation

After your registration and payment are processed, ACCA will confirm your enrollment and provide you with a student number.

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Admission Process for ACCA Exam in 2024

Successfully navigating the admission process for the ACCA exams involves several ACCA-specific actions post-registration:

  • Course and Exam Selection
    • After securing registration, you’ll need to choose which ACCA exams to take for the year. This selection is critical as it aligns with the ACCA qualification path from the foundational level through to the professional exams.
  • Exam Registration Confirmation
    • Once you have selected your exams, ensure that all associated fees are paid via the ACCA portal. ACCA will confirm your exam entries and provide details about the examination centers and the schedule.
  • Verification of Candidate Eligibility
    • ACCA conducts a thorough review of all submitted documents to verify your eligibility. This includes checking educational qualifications and ensuring that your identification documents are valid and up to date.
  • Preparation for Exam Requirements
    • Understand the specific requirements for each exam, including the format (computer-based or paper-based) and what materials or tools you can bring into the exam room, such as calculators or notes if allowed.
  • Exam Logistics
    • ACCA provides detailed information about exam logistics as the test dates approach. This includes the exact location, reporting time, and any last-minute instructions for exam day.
  • Access to ACCA Resources
    • Once admitted for the exams, candidates gain access to a variety of ACCA learning resources and practice materials to help prepare effectively. These resources are tailored to the specifics of the upcoming exams.


The ACCA program provides a clear stepping-stone guide towards becoming a certified accountant in the global system which undoubtedly boosts a person’s career chance and prospects in the fields of finance and accountancy.

Remember that each step from beginning checking your eligibility and up to choosing the particular exams is important and each of them is also important to provide you with as much information and preparations as you need for the next step.

No matter if you are in a process of course confirmation or preparing to the exam day, ACCA will be absolutely helpful to you. Go through it, study hard, and you will discover that ACCA is not just about seven exams – it is about creating a strong basis for the further career in the sphere of finances and gaining more well-deserved opportunities. Wishing you the very best in this new step that you’re taking in achieving your career aspirations!

Frequently Asked Question

What are the steps in ACCA?

Register, choose your exams, prepare with ACCA resources, and pass the exams to progress through levels from Applied Knowledge to Strategic Professional.

Can I pursue the ACCA while still in university?

Yes, you can start the ACCA program alongside your university studies, taking advantage of flexible scheduling and exam windows.

Is work experience necessary to enroll in the ACCA program?

No, you don’t need work experience to enroll in ACCA; however, gaining work experience can enhance your understanding and application.

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