How I cleared ACCA in first attempt – Piyush’s Success Story

In the competitive field of accounting and finance, clearing the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) exam in the first attempt is a remarkable achievement. Piyush Singhania a recent ACCA affiliate, has done just that.

In this exclusive interview, Piyush shares his journey, the strategies he employed, and how Quintedge played a pivotal role in his success.

Let’s hear directly from him-

Why did you decide to pursue ACCA?

Piyush: The decision to pursue ACCA stemmed from my passion for accounting and finance. I was intrigued by the global recognition of the ACCA qualification and its relevance across industries. The flexibility it offers, in terms of study pace and exam schedules, also played a significant role in my decision. I believed it would provide me with a solid foundation and a competitive edge in the finance sector.

What steps did you take to further your ACCA preparation?

My journey to clearing the ACCA exams was a path of trial, error, and eventual success, shaped significantly by my initial missteps and the discovery of Quintedge. Initially, I embarked on my ACCA journey with a blend of enthusiasm and naivety, underestimating the complexity and breadth of the curriculum. My first steps involved a somewhat haphazard approach to studying, relying heavily on self-study through textbooks and freely available online resources. While this seemed cost-effective and flexible, it soon became apparent that this method had significant drawbacks.

I started by creating a study schedule based on generic advice found online, without considering my personal learning style or the specific demands of each paper. This led to an uneven preparation, where I found myself well-versed in certain topics, while others remained barely touched. My self-assessment was based on reading and re-reading textbooks, with little to no practice under exam conditions. This lack of strategic focus and exam practice became glaringly evident when I attempted mock exams on my own, finding myself struggling with time management and the application of concepts in a pressured environment.

Realizing the need for a structured approach, I turned to various online forums and study groups. While these platforms provided a sense of community and occasional insights, the advice was often conflicting, and the lack of personalized guidance left me feeling more confused than enlightened.

It was at this point of frustration and uncertainty that I discovered Quintedge.

How did Quintedge help you?

My experience with Quintedge really felt like a turning point in my ACCA journey. It wasn’t just about the course material, which indeed broke down some of the more daunting topics into digestible pieces. What made the difference for me were the interactive sessions. Imagine sitting down with someone who not only knows the subject inside out but also knows how to make it relatable to your everyday experiences. That was a game changer. And then there was the feedback – it was so tailored to my needs that I could see exactly where I needed to focus more. It wasn’t just generic advice; it felt like someone was genuinely invested in my success. Plus, being able to juggle my job and studies without feeling overwhelmed was something I hadn’t thought possible until I found their flexible scheduling. It was more than just a preparation course; it felt like I had a team supporting me every step of the way.

Can you share your preparation strategy for ACCA?

My strategy was very much tailored to my own learning style and life circumstances. I knew from the start that I couldn’t just follow a one-size-fits-all plan. I’m an early riser, so I leveraged that by dedicating my morning hours to study. This was the time I felt most alert and could absorb new information without distractions. I created a detailed timetable, breaking down the ACCA syllabus into manageable chunks, assigning specific topics to each study session.

I approached my studies with a focus on depth rather than breadth initially. For instance, when tackling the F7 paper on financial reporting, I didn’t just skim through the standards. Instead, I took the time to understand the principles behind each standard, worked on numerous examples, and even tried to apply them to financial statements I found in the public domain. This deep dive approach helped solidify my understanding.

I also realized early on that passive reading wasn’t enough. So, I incorporated active learning techniques into my study routine. For every topic, I made my own notes, summarizing key points in my own words, and then taught those concepts back to an imaginary audience. This method not only reinforced my memory but also helped me identify any areas of confusion that I needed to revisit.

Practicing under exam conditions was another cornerstone of my strategy. I timed myself strictly, adhering to the exam’s time limits to build my speed and accuracy. After each mock exam, I would go through my answers meticulously, analyzing my mistakes, and understanding why I got certain questions wrong. This exercise was crucial in fine-tuning my exam technique and boosting my confidence.

Lastly, I was very conscious of not letting my preparation take a toll on my well-being. I scheduled regular breaks, engaged in physical exercise, and pursued hobbies to keep stress at bay. These activities helped me maintain a healthy balance, ensuring I was mentally and physically fit to tackle the demands of my ACCA studies.

This personalized approach, combining rigorous study with well-being practices, was instrumental in clearing my ACCA exams on the first attempt.

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